I recently had a buyer looking for a home in Ashton Heights, and as part of my research into the neighborhood I ran the Spring sales numbers.

But first, for those who may be interested, here’s a little history of the neighborhood:

‘Ashton Heights

In 1919, realtor Ashton C. Jones purchased 61 acres of land bounded by present-day 5th Street North, North Nelson Street, the Columbia Gardens Cemetery, 2nd Street North, and North Irving Street. He mapped out one subdivision on each side of Cathcart Road (now North Pershing Drive ), then combined the two and in 1921 formally filed the larger subdivision which he named Ashton Heights. Additional blocks were added over the next fifteen years by various developers, and the neighborhood soon extended to encompass the whole residential area now bounded by Wilson Boulevard, 10th Street North, North Irving Street, Arlington Boulevard, and North Glebe Road.’  – (Source: http://ashtonheights.org/about-ashton-heights/history/ )

To come up with my market analysis of Ashton Heights, I pulled the Spring sales figures, and compared them to the sales figures from the same period of 2016. Here’s what I found:

Ashton Heights Neighborhood of Arlington Va Spring 2017 Market Report

This year, the Spring Market in the Ashton Heights Neighborhood of Arlington VA saw growth in the number of homes sold (Up 37% in 2017) and average sale price (Up 8% in 2017).


Current inventory in Ashton Heights is quite low, with only 6 active listings and 90 days of inventory on the market.

I also decided look at the percentage of homes for sale vs the total number of homes in Ashton Heights, which is 0.8%. This is 30% below the average for the two zip codes that cover Ashton Heights. In a nutshell, what that means is not many homes are being listed and sold in this neighborhood recently. If the past Spring’s sales figures are any indication, this is a long-term trend in a neighborhood that has many long time residents and a very low turnover percentage.

What does all of this mean? Well, if you’re looking to buy in Ashton Heights, be patient. If you’re looking to sell, list now and sell quickly and for top dollar. It’s one of the best bets in North Arlington in terms of selling a home, and that’s saying something.

Want to know more about the current market? Feel free to get in touch with me anytime.

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