Over the years, I have built and sold numerous homes in the Barcroft neighborhood of Arlington VA.

For those of you not familiar, Barcroft is an awesome neighborhood in South Arlington:

Barcroft is a friendly, quiet neighborhood originally established in 1903. It is host to about 800 mostly modest single-family homes, and about 400 apartments along the outer edge. Most of the houses were built in the 1930-1970 era, with a growing number of newer, larger homes. Barcroft is represented by an active civic association, the Barcroft School & Civic League. The neighborhood hosts the historic Barcroft Community House built in 1908, originally as a church, then as a school (a genuine Arlington one-room school house), and then as Barcroft’s community home. The Barcroft School & Civic League publishes a monthly neighborhood newsletter, The Barcroft News, first published in 1903.

The Barcroft School & Civic League sponsors neighborhood events ranging from its annual Fourth of July Parade and picnic to a Holiday program with a visit from Santa Claus, meet-the-candidates nights before elections, spaghetti dinners, Easter egg hunts and National Night Out ice cream socials. These events retain the strong spirit of community first developed here over 100 years ago.

This is a good place to live.  – https://www.bscl.org/

I was wondering how the housing market in Barcroft had performed recently, so I took at home sales this Spring, and compared them to the Spring of 2016

Here’s what I found:

Barcroft Neighborhood of Arlington Va Spring 2017 Market Report

I was pleasantly surprised to see such a strong increase in both the number of homes sold and average sale price in Barcroft this Spring. Barcroft is one of the many neighborhoods in Arlington that see strong and consistent home sales. In these neighborhoods, home prices have been steadily climbing for over 4 years now, usually at somewhere between 3-6% per year.  So a 12% increase in the average sale price is a big increase to see year over year, and it indicates a strong seller’s market in Barcroft

Current inventory bears this out:

There are currently only 3 active listings in Barcroft right now, and 3 pending sales. In terms of inventory, that gives us 60 days worth of inventory in Barcroft. This is quite low for an entire neighborhood, and reinforces that Barcroft is a very strong seller’s market at the moment.

If you’re looking to sell and you live in Barcroft, lucky you! The timing couldn’t be better.

If you’re looking to buy in Barcroft, you need to make sure you have a pre-approval letter from a lender so that when a home you love does become available, you’re in a strong position to win if there are multiple offers.

Want to know more about the current market? Feel free to get in touch with me anytime.

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