Let’s be honest: Tools are cool. And these days it seems like there’s a special tool for every task you can think of.

But there are still only a few necessary tools for normal household maintenance.

Below is a list of the 12 tools I couldn’t live without.

1. Screwdriver Set

The quintessential tool for any homeowner! Buy a quality set that has a good variety of different sized bits and you’ll never have to worry about a screwdriver again.

2. Step Ladder

A quality 10-foot or 12-foot stepladder will help you reach most places in your home without risking a nasty fall.

3. Claw Hammer

The most versatile tool ever invented, the classic claw hammer doesn’t need much explanation!

4. Cordless Drill

An 18v cordless drill is capable of a wide variety of uses, from driving screws to drilling hole in drywall, wood, etc.

5. Ratchet Set

A lot of household items have hex bolts that you may need to remove from time to time. Nothing’s worse than not having the right size! So get a complete set, and save yourself extra trips to the hardware store.

6. Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

A 50 foot extension cord, like a good step ladder, keeps us from attempting anything too dangerous in the course of our household duties!

7. Hand Cart

Save your back, and a lot of stress when moving things around your home, or lugging stuff from home to car, and vice versa.

8. Allen Wrench Set

Anyone with kids knows why you need this! Nothing worse than needing an allan wrench size you don’t have, or losing the single allen wrench that comes with the (whatever) you’re trying to build!

9. Jeweler’s Repair Kit

With all of the small devices 9and tiny screws) we have in our homes these days, a jeweler’s repair kit can come in very handy.

10. Channel Locks, Pliers & Adjustable Wrench

Having a good one of each handy can be a godsend when an emergency hits!

11. Headlamp

A good flashlight will always come in handy, especially one that you can use hands-free!

12. Duct Tape!

When in doubt, put some duct tape on it and call an expert

Did I miss anything? Let me know!

– Lou


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