A Recent Experience with How Drone Photography Can Elevate a Listing to the Next Level

An Arlington friend was looking for home in the country and ran across a listing in the Plains (Virginia). She sent me the listing agent’s website for the property which featured drone video.

WOW! (Yea it was that cool).

The property was impeccably landscaped—with ponds, gardens, walking paths, patios, and mature trees. The drone video flew you through the landscape, and then you’re up hundreds of feet looking down at the house, property and surrounding homes. It was spectacular!

So, based solely on the drone footage, my friend and her family made a ‘bee-line’ the next day to visit.

Did they buy?

Well, before they headed out, I casually mentioned that there weren’t any interior images or video….hmmmmm. So they arrive at the property, the landscape was everything they imagined from the drone footage but the home, originally built in the 1800’s with numerous additions, didn’t fit my friend’s lifestyle or expectations. The house was very well maintained but the spaces were cut-up and it was a series of small rooms—which is typical of homes from that era.

So back to the question – did they or didn’t they? Buy that is. No, they didn’t place an offer.

Here’s my takeaway….drone videos can showcase a property providing spectacular views and “moments in time”. The video was the reason my friends drove an hour to look at the property. If the listing had included interior images, chances are my friend would have seen the layout and room sizes and would not have looked at the property.

The drone video created the ‘hook’ to get showings.

Lessons learned? Drone videos, when done well, are a great way to show a property online.

Drones should be in every realtor’s marketing toolbox.

Next, I’ll share my insights on interior photography.

Till then, bye now,


Ps. Now, just because my friends didn’t like the interior that’s not saying the home won’t sell. Like every home out there, it will appeal someone and they will enjoy living in a historic type home surrounded by beautiful landscaping.

Lou Sagatov, Realtor®