Winter is approaching. A quick reminder — turn off and drain all exterior faucets (hose bibs). This is also a good time to disconnect garden hoses from the exterior faucets. Drain and store the hoses in a dry location.

There are two types of exterior faucets: non-frost proof and frost proof. In my opinion it is good practice to turn off and drain all exterior faucets regardless of type. Here’s why: Typically the shut-off valve installed in conditioned (heated) space. The water supply from the shut-off valve to the exterior faucet may run thru un-conditioned (un-heated) space, thus be susceptible to freezing.

The recommended winterizing procedure is:
Locate and turn off the interior shut-off valve
Open and drain the faucet(s)
Disconnect garden hose(s) from the exterior faucets
Leave the faucet(s) open to allow any trapped moisture/ water to escape

I saw this type of cover at my local hardware. Ask your hardware salesperson if this type of cover works in your area.