New Home Automation Systems Improve Home Energy Performance with the Touch of a Button

The past couple of years have seen incredible advancements in home automation technology. At the same time, energy efficiency and ‘green’ technology continues to increase in popularity. So, it only makes sense that some exciting new Green home tech gadgets that combine the best elements of both have recently become available to home owners. Two of the most exciting developments are in HVAC automation and lighting automation and control. A brief look at both: 1)HVAC Automation Smart thermostats see how often and when you adjust the temperature in your home, and learn your habits over time. Then they take that info and automatically adjust the settings to conserve energy and increase comfort. They also offer remote control via mobile devices (smart- phones, tablets, etc.) One brand called Eversense, goes a step further and also makes adjustments based on when people are home and how many individuals it detects in the home.


2) Lighting Automation Last year tech company Marvell presented a new chip set designed to add wireless networking capabilities to LED fixtures, allowing you to control the lighting of your home wirelessly. The same tech was applied this year in the new Hue LED lightbulb from Philips. Each Hue bulb contains its own wi-fi transmitter, which allows you to map out your home lighting, bulb-by-bulb, and adjust the brightness and color of them all. You can then use your ipad or iphone to adjust all lighting setttings remotely. The convergence of convenience and energy efficiency that these products embody is part of a larger trend that should produce more life-enhancing advancements in the coming years. Stay tuned!

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