Are you looking to buy a home in Northern Virginia, but don’t think you make enough to qualify for a loan? Or are you worried that you’ll never be able to save enough for a down payment?

Well, good news! Virginia offers some great programs to help folks buy a home in our area. These loan programs (called VHDA Loans) offer low down payment options and income requirements to first-time homebuyers.

VHDA Loans

The Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) offers these affordable home mortgage programs to Virginians who otherwise might not be able to afford quality housing. You can add available special features, such as the Down Payment Assistance Grant and Mortgage Credit Certificate with a VHDA Loan Combo and increase the money-saving benefits that the program offers.

To learn more about the program, visit the VHDA website HERE.

So, How Does $5K Get You a $500,000 Home?

If you qualify for the maximum VHDA DPA Grant Program, you could pay as little at 1% down. That means for a $500,000 loan amount, you could put as little at $5,000 down. Pretty cool, huh?

$500,000 is the maximum loan amount you can quality for through the VHDA loan program. Which begs the question: What can you get in Arlington for under $500K?

Here are some listings:

If you want to talk about VHDA loans, get in touch. I have a lot of experience helping clients navigate the process, and I work with lenders who are VHDA-approved.

(*Most VHDA loan programs start at 3% down, to qualify for a loan with 1% down you must meet all of the requirements. To see the full details, go HERE. )

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