With Shouts of ‘Home For Sale’ Constantly Bombarding Potential Buyers From Every Angle, How Do You Make Your Home Stand Out?


How Do You Make Your Home Stand Out



Home listings appear just about everywhere you look these days, from the local newspaper to your Facebook feed. At first blush, it seems like an impossible task to get your listing to stand out from all of this background noise.

But there are some time-tested techniques to stack the deck in your favor, and it comes down to phrasing. Here are some key elements that make a memorable property description:

1) Be As Specific As Possible According to property descriptions, almost every single home for sale has a ‘beautiful kitchen’ or a ‘fabulous master suite’. These descriptions rarely tell you anything about what makes them ‘beautiful’ or ‘fabulous’.

A great way to catch a potential buyer’s attention is to highlight specific features such as those brand-name kitchen appliances, or that heated tile floor in the master bathroom. Anything that reinforces the quality of your home in the mind of a buyer will help push your home to the top of the need-to-see list.

2) Be Mindful of the Fluff Factor Few things can hurt your chances of selling your home more than overselling its features. The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to be disappointed by your ‘spacious living room’ when they walk through your home for the first time.

Accurate phrasing ensures that people develop positive, but not unrealistic, expectations of your home. Instead of ‘spacious’ for example, a phrase like ‘open floor plan’ is appealing without giving people a potentially inaccurate idea of what to expect.

3) Tell Them About Something They Can’t See in the Photos Unseen features of your home can be big selling points for people. You never know what might close the deal for a potential buyer. For example, if your home has some great ‘green’ features, they probably won’t be obvious in the listing photos. But ‘green’ can be a very appealing selling point to certain people.

Tell potential buyers a little bit about what is underneath the skin. The idea is to give people an appealing and accurate description of what your home offers. Obviously, proper grammar and spelling are very important, and a little salesmanship doesn’t hurt. Calling a home ‘priced to sell’ is a good call to action for buyers that is both accurate and appealing without sounding cheap.

Want to learn more about the how to stand out from other home sellers in today’s market? Interested in selling your home in the near future, and want to chat about it? Please feel free to call/text me at 571.305.2405, or email me @ lsagatov@kw.com

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