New Ultragreen LED bulbs Use a Fraction of the Electricity
and last up to 50 Times Longer than your Old Bulb

Slowly but surely, the incandescent lightbulb is going extinct here in America. In its place, a new high-tech, ultragreen option has emerged: LED lightbulbs. Not only do LED bulbs use 75-80% less electricity than your standard bulb, they can also last up to 50 times longer! That’s right, 50 TIMES LONGER! Sure, they are significantly more expensive than the other options currently available, but their long-term advantages far outweigh the up-front cost of replacing your current bulbs with them. They also offer advantages over Compact Florescent Lamps (CFLs):

– Most consumers find the light temperature from the LED bulbs to be more like a traditional bulb than the cold light that CFLs tend to emit.

– LED lights reach full power immediately, while some CFLs can take up to three minutes to reach full output.

– The lifespan of a CFL is drastically reduced when it is turned on and off frequently. LEDs do not have this issue

– LED bulbs do not contain any mercury, which is a big issue with CFLs when it comes to breakage and disposal.


A great application for LED bulbs is hard-to-reach fixtures, where you can change the old bulb out once, and not have to worry about it for a decade or more! One more thing to keep in mind: The price of LED bulbs has been going down recently, and this is a trend that should continue as LED usage becomes more widespread. In the meantime, it is worth considering replacing the bulbs that burn out in your home with LED bulbs, for convenience as well as long-term value.

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