I was in south Arlington last week and saw a beautiful mid-century modern home -a beautiful  Lustron.

The post-World War II era was an innovative time for homes.  In 1947 Lustron Corporation received a loan from Reconstruction Finance Corporation to manufacture modular prefabricated homes. Luston homes featured enamel-coated steel panels,  ‘modern’ interiors (easy to clean, pockets doors, metal cabinetry, service and storage area, and metal ceiling. Windows  aluminum with add-on storm windows available for colder climates.

About 3,000 homes were constructed before Luston’s demise. The largest assembly of Lustron homes (60 homes) was located in Quantico, Virginia. Sadly these homes have been all but eliminated: one sold, a total of 57 razed or demolished, the two remaining homes are currently used as maintenance building.



South Arlington mid-century gem