New Innovations Bring Luxury and Efficiency to the Modern Lavatory

Numi1Over the past few decades, the bathroom has increasingly become a refuge from the hectic pace of modern life. A place to relax and recharge body and mind. Modern bathroom design has brought homeowners such luxuries as spa tubs, ultra-luxury showers with multiple spray heads, and heated tile floors. Until recently however, the toilet has been largely ignored . Low-flow toilets have become increasingly popular, but little attention has been paid to enhancing the user’s experience. This trend is changing, with several companies offering new innovations that bring luxury and sex appeal to the modern lavatory.

One of the best new offerings is the Kohler Numi. Featuring a sleek and simple design that verges on modern art, the Numi offers a large range of features that most people have never seen on a toilet. It all starts when you enter the bathroom, and the motion activated lid opens at your command. As you sit down, you will feel the relaxing sensation of the Numi’s seat and feet warmers.


At this point, feel free to pick up the remote and put on some tunes. When you’re finished, don’t bother reaching for the toilet paper: One of the most innovative features of these new toilets is the bidet-style cleaning system that uses water and hot air to clean and dry you. Combined with low-flow toilets technology, the Numi is both more stylish and eco-friendly than your old bowl. For more info, check out:

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