I recently took an in-depth look at home sales in North Arlington since June 1st. I was interested specifically in homes that sold for under $899,000. What’s been selling in that price point this summer? What’s the inventory look like? Here’s what I found:

Home Sales in North Arlington 6/1/16-7/29/16)


ZIP Code Homes Sold Avg Sale Price (% of list price) Avg Days on Market
22201 6 $885,000 (98.3%) 51
22203 14 $726,571 (98.7%) 30
22205 32 $731,953 (99.9%) 20
22207 32 $803,111 (101%) 11
22213 4 $826,525 (101.7%) 15
Totals 88 $764,968 (100%) 20

It’s pretty apparent that homes in this price range are on fire this summer. This price range always sells quickly, and for close to full value, but right now the sales are pretty exceptional.

Along with the exceptional home sales, the inventory for detached homes in North Arlington  listed for under $900,000 is 27 homes. Given the hot selling conditions, a more favorable seller’s market in North Arlington would be hard to imagine.

If you’re looking to sell, it’s the perfect time to list a home in North Arlington. And if you’re thinking of selling in this price range, Do It Soon!!!

If you’d like to discuss the current market, or chat about anything related to real estate and home building, feel free to call or write me below anytime.

Lou Sagatov
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