Hey friend.

Is your email inbox full of boring recycled content? Are you being bombarded by the same “stuff” on social media day after day?

Me too.

Marketing gurus, (you know, the ones that haven’t really been in the trenches) talk about “Top of Mind Marketing” and use catchy phrases designed to make them seem interested and connected to you. But what ends up happening is everyone just says the same thing over and over. It’s generally safe, and practical, and…

Excuse me while I yawn. 

In a moment of brilliance I decided to jump in and add my voice to the conversation.

I know you’re thinking— really, Lou? Didn’t you just say this isn’t the right path?

Ugh, yea.

Well, I’m not planning on writing about the same tired things you see day in and day out, well, everywhere. I plan on writing short stories about my experience, issues I’ve encountered and my approach to solving them, including the not so successful correction attempts. Because the failures are part of the journey, and usually the most interesting part.

You see, I started my building company before the age of the internet. At a time when people wrote notes and letters, called on the phone (imagine that!) and actually  would meet in person to talk.

For me everything is interconnected: homes, real estate, buy, sell, design, build, renovate, maintenance, furnishings, art, gardens, trees….

Here’s a list topics I have in mind: 

    • Zillow says so! It must be true.
    • Is staging just an over-rated way for designers to make cold hard cash?
    • I hired “bug-be-gone.” Why don’t birds come to my birdfeeder?
    • How I became an urban farmer (true story)
    • The battle between man and squirrels (yea, like I can win this one)
    • Cork floors? Why do people jump on cork floors?
    • How  internet causes buying paralysis
    • How to find cool light fixtures
    • Pinterest take me away!
    • Is Arts and Crafts dead?
    • Custom, really? Why do all these new homes look alike?

So please subscribe or delete me.

Till next time, take care,