In The Current Housing Market, Does It Make More Sense to Remodel Your Arlington VA Home or to Move?


There are a lot of reasons that people ask themselves this question. Maybe the house you live in suddenly feels too small, or the outdated aspects become too much to deal with on a daily basis. As a custom builder, I’ve been through this process countless times with clients. No two homes are the same, and making the correct decision for you is a matter of thoroughly evaluating your options.

For an Arlington VA Home there are also some special considerations This is the thought process that I’ve used for years to answer this question for clients:

  • Evaluate the existing home and lot from a zoning perspective. Does the lot allow the home’s footprint to be increased, or are you already at maximum lot coverage? In Arlington, this is a common issue. The lots here are small, and many times an addition is limited by zoning restrictions. If the footprint of the home is set, your only real option for exanding the living space is to add a story to the home. This is a common project in Arlington.
  • Once you’ve figured out your available options, get a quality contractor to give you an estimate on the cost of making the renovations you want made. – Get an Accurate estimate of what those improvements will do to the value of your home. A good Realtor® should be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate.
  • Look at where the improved home value puts you in your neighborhood. Sometimes building the nicest house on the block isn’t the best financial decision. Once again, a knowledgeable Realtor® can help you determine this.

Obviously, this decision is not purely financial. If you love your neighborhood and the people who live in it, you are more likely to renovate whether or not it is the best decision financially. Speaking with professionals and getting an accurate assessment of your options gives you the freedom to make an informed decision that takes everything into account.

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