Creating a Fun and Inviting Exercise Space is about simplicity

When we moved into our current home, I had a roughly 12×12 area to work with for our exercise room.

With this limited amount of space, I had to really consider what was important and what wasn’t.

Here’s how I thought out our exercise room and equipment:

  • I gave up weights and the weight machine for bands. I designed a simple wall station that allows the bands to be placed at various heights to work different body areas. The station also stores the bands, keeping clutter off the floor. The space needed when exercising with bands is roughly 6’x6’.  When not in use – it takes up zero space. It’s simple and works for us.
  • Stationary bike. While I prefer walking or riding outside, the bike does get used during lousy weather days. With platform, the bike takes up about 2’x4’ floor space.

My Exercise Space:

  • Together, the bike and rower use roughly 5’6” x 8’ of floor space, leaving approximately 6’6” x 10’ of open-flex space.
  • In the open-flex space, there’s room for 2 yoga/Pilates mats or space move, dance, practice Tai-chi.
  • The other elements are a wall mounted TV, ceiling speakers, a box fan and Bongos, which are totally non-essential – yet fun – for those times you want your ‘inner child’ to play.

The space works for us. I think the key when designing an exercise area is to determine the space limitations, and being realistic about what you’re going to use it for. In our case, I had to decide to get rid of the large, bulky weight training equipment that we hadn’t use in years. Then design for your goals, create a inviting and fun space.

Ps. Yes, I sold off some equipment that didn’t get used.

Lou Sagatov, Realtor®


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