Check out these useful smartphone apps!


‘Car Seat Helper’ (by Phoenix Children’s Hospital)- Selecting the right car seat for your child can be difficult. You need to factor in the child’s age, height, weight special needs, etc… The Car Seat Helper App can help with that, and more. Be prepared with your smart phone the next time you’re shopping for a car seat or booster seat with this great tool!

 car seat2 car seat1

‘Sit or Squat’ (by Charmin)- The free ‘Sit or Squat’ app from Charmin® allows users to find CLEAN public restrooms nearby. You just enter your location, and a map pops up with toilet paper rolls that are color-coded with green(sit-worthy) or red (squat-only). You can also rate and share restroom reviews with other users.

 Charmin App charmin app 2

Photo Measures- This is an interesting app that allows you to write in measurements and notes on photos you take with your phone.

Quad Level- This pocket level app gives you four simultaneous displays: Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal and 2D. The 2D mode tells you in centimeters per meter OR inches per 10 feet how far off you are from level or plumb, and is accurate to 1 inch per 10 feet.

Builder’s Helper- This app brings the power of a professional grade construction calculator to your smartphone. Packed with useful calculation tools for rafter pitch, stair runs, concrete volume, etc, this app isn’t cheap, but it can come in handy when troubleshooting design problems onsite.

Fairfax County Government App- The official county government app gives you easy access to their FIDO permitting and inspection system. You can apply for a permit, and schedule or change inspections right on your smartphone with this app. Other counties in the area may also have similar apps.