The general definition of green, also known as sustainable building is creating structures that are energy, water and other resource efficient, protect the health of the occupants and reduce waste and pollution.

How does that translate into residential building? Sagatov Associates, a leading Arlington design-build company, defines green-sustainable residential building as:

“Green Building is a systemized, whole house approach to design and construction. Applied correctly, the individual components work together as a system, resulting in a durable, high performance home that makes efficient use of materials, reduces job-site waste, employs practical water conservation fixtures, and creates a healthier living environment. Sagatov Associates believes in using this systemized approach to design and build functional homes and home renovations that are healthy, responsible, and aesthetically attractive.”

To learn more about Sagatov Associates, the design-build process  and green building visit their website:

If you’re thinking about building a new home or renovating, ask the builder about their approach to green-sustainable building.



Note. I retired from Sagatov Associates in October 2012.