How well do you know your home? If a water line burst, do you know where the water main shutoff is located? If an electrical breaker or GFI flips, do you where each is located?

I know this sounds simple but unexpected events do happen. Be familiar with shutoff and breakers locations.

Label all shutoffs, it takes the guess work out. This is what I normally label in a house:

Water: Main shutoff (where the line enters the house)

  •    Hot water heater shutoffs
  •    Hose bibs

I don’t label these but know where these shutoffs are located:

  •    Refrigerator
  •    Dishwasher
  •    Washing machine

Electrical: Main panel switch

  •    Breakers should be labeled
  •    Know where each  GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) is located.

Gas: Main shutoff (the main shut off is normally on the gas meter).

  •       Gas range/cooktop
  •       Hot water heater (if gas)
  •       Gas fireplace/logs